So, possibly more good news

I had a call this week from the oncologists office which said, “Your PET scan was OK”. Naturally I experienced a wave of joyous elation before I thought, “OK. What does ‘OK’ actually mean? Does it mean simply that the results were technically acceptable? Does it mean the cancer is at the stage it was expected to be at? Does it mean the lymphoma has gone? Does it mean the cancer has gone?” So, I asked the question, “What do you mean when you say it is OK?” There was a pause at the other end of the line while the person who phoned considered how to respond, before saying, “I’ll just check.” When she came back the news was that the results showed no mass. Wooo hooo. Now I just want confirmation from the oncologist that that means what I hope it means and then discover whether I have to continue with chemotherapy for a further period.



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3 responses to “So, possibly more good news

  1. Sarah

    Yay! Congratulatoins!

  2. Good luck! Hope you don’t have to face more chemo.

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