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Cancer and DNA

Although this research seems to be in the early stages and is probably not of any use to those of us who have, or have had cancer, it might possibly be of use to our families further down the line.


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make metastatic breast cancer matter

This is well worth reading, and acting upon.

considering the lilies

Reposted from March 23, 2012 in support of increasing awareness and support for Metastatic Breast Cancer research. Please visit METAvivor to learn about “The Elephant in the Pink Room.” 

Perhaps it is because my family history is bereft of breast cancer. Perhaps I was lulled into a false sense of security by three mammogram reports that lacked information about the density of my breasts. Whatever the reason, until my own diagnosis, I assumed that breast cancer was what happened to other women in other families.  Such naïveté. Cancer always happens to people who are just like you and me. In fact, the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation estimates that 70% of the women who have breast cancer, have what is known as a “sporadic occurrence” – no family history.

It is almost twelve months now since I heard the Breast Patient Navigator tell me, as if by rote, but not unkindly, about…

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