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Play to Cure – Cancer Research UK

I came across something on the BBC website recently which made me want to check out a game app from Cancer Research UK designed to help crack the cancer DNA code. Here’s the link



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New research shows ‘DNA tags’ could guide treatment for advanced ovarian cancer

I hope this article is helpful to those who are searching for a successful treatment for ovarian cancer.

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“the prices of drugs used to treat [chronic myeloid leukemia] are astronomical, unsustainable and perhaps even immoral

Yes, those are the words of doctors and researchers specializing in chronic myeloid leukemia. It seems theyt think this of many of the drugs used to treat cancer but have, probably wisely, decided to comment only within their specialism. Read more at 

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Cancer and DNA

Although this research seems to be in the early stages and is probably not of any use to those of us who have, or have had cancer, it might possibly be of use to our families further down the line.

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New Cancer Research

I was lucky in that I had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which has a well-established protocol which led to my being cured pretty quickly but I know there are many people out there who aren’t so lucky and who are reliant upon some new drugs or treatment. This link is to Cancer Research UK and gives details of some of the research they are supporting along with some details of the people who are leading the research. I hope it is helpful.


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No One Should Face Cancer Alone

From time to time I’ve linked to articles from MacMillan Cancer Support which is a UK charity with an excellent reputation. MacMillan is now starting a No One Should Face Cancer Alone campaign and you can join, or possibly benefit from their help at

I was lucky in that I had my wife, family, friends and total strangers from the blogging community giving me fantastic support, but, even then, there were many times when I felt alone and isolated with this lump in my neck and the chemo drugs coursing through my body. One of my friends in the UK had fought his own battle against cancer and in those lonely hours when I felt totally isolated it was often his emails which helped most as he’d been where I was: he understood in a way that no one else I knew could. Thanks John.


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Trojan-horse therapy ‘completely eliminates’ cancer in mice

I saw this article on the BBC website and thought it worth putting out to a very slightly wider audience.

It seems that scientists have found a way of injecting white blood cells with a virus which is capable of killing cancer cells in mice. Because the virus is actually contained within the white blood cells it isn’t attacked and so it gets taken to the cancerous tumour which the virus then attacks and kills. Clever stuff eh?

Naturally the scientists aren’t prepared to say that their discovery will transfer to humans and it seems that many times things don’t, and they still need to test their findings on humans so it looks as though any real development is a fair way off.

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