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Neither the best of endings or beginnings

2012 was, in many ways a pretty shitty year for me all in all, particularly discovering I had cancer, although naturally discovering it could, and, indeed, has been, cured was a pretty major plus. 2012 had a shitty ending for me and 2013 didn’t start any better – well separated by only a second they were never likely to be too radically different were they? The other night I found myself starting to get down and, as I’ve done before, I wrote a poem to try to work out just what the problem was and how I might address it: here’s the result – the reference to The Black Mists is to an earlier poem which is on my poems tab from my home page.


The black mists surround me.
I can smell them in air,
And ‘though I cannot see them,
I know that they are there.

They skirmish through the undergrowth,
Lie hidden in the trees,
But I won’t let them fry my brain,
No, they won’t capture me.

I’m stronger now than ever I was,
In body, speech and mind.
I’ll concentrate upon my breath,
Until I free my mind.

Since starting to write this particular poem things do seem to be maybe taking a turn for the better. I have an interview tomorrow for a temporary job as an “interventionist” in a local school, and a telephone interview for a job in Wisconsin next Thursday, so, maybe hanging onto my mind worked!


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One Big Exhale

Hey guys! January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month.  If you have a cervix or not, please be an extension of my voice this month.  Please have the conversations that are uncomfortable to have with the men, women, and young adults in your lives.  The highlight reel would be:

  • Ladies, get your pap smear regularly (and for the love of all that is good, get the follow up if it’s necessary!). Check with your doctor to find out how often you should get a pap.
  • Parents, get your kids vaccinated against HPV!
  • Condoms are not fool proof here.  HPV, which causes cervical cancer (and 5 other cancers), is a contact disease. So unless you’re wearing a full body condom from start to finish when you’re revving up for, doing, and snuggling up after the dibbity, you are at risk of contracting HPV if your partner is infected.
  • HPV has no symptoms

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