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Harold Godbert

It seems a long while ago that I first met Harold, who is a lovely man. Harold has seen a fair bit of life and you get a flavour of the man by reading his poems which you can do by clicking on the Harold Godbert’s Poems tab at the top of the screen. I doubt that Harold would claim to be a polished poet but, nevertheless there is an immediacy and realism about Harold’s poetry, set mainly in his native South Yorkshire, which I think makes it worth the reading. Unfortunately Harold can no longer read easily but his delight in his poems comes through when they are read to him again even though, due to the tricks time plays with advancing years, Harold is not always able to remember the poem or the people he obviously once knew so well. I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading Harold’s poems as I got when reading them to him.

There is, perhaps, one last thing I should say about the way the poems should be read, and that is that they may well best be enjoyed with a good pint of beer to your lips!


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