First week over and the second about to commence!

Last week was my first back as school teacher for many years. It wasn’t a real week as I was there for orientation and only met students very briefly on the last day. My first impressions of the students is that they seem to be a good bunch and that is born out by the comments of the staff. The highlight of my week was probably winning the Rock, Paper, Scissors ice-breaker – it’s the first time I’ve ever been able to call myself school champion at anything!! I did try to persuade one or two colleagues to play Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock but I was none too clear on the rules so we gave that a pass.

My colleagues seem a good bunch, professional and helpful which is really good as I do feel that I can turn to them for the support I am sure I will need as a newbie.

How do I feel about the real work starting tomorrow? Funny you should ask that as I was just about to tell you. I’m nervous. Not particularly about the classroom practice, or the base knowledge as I know they are there, but about the things which chemo stops my  brain connecting to, the words and phrases and knowledge which I know are there, filed away somewhere in my brain but the connectors to which no longer seem to work. I just wonder how many times I can say, “Ummmm” without starting to look like someone without a brain. Does anyone know whether this kind of after-effect is common, or for how long it might last?


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