So, it’s goodnight and goodbye to Davie Police

Last night was the last night of Civilian Police Academy with Davie Police (sob, sob). It was a fitting finale to what has been a splendidly entertaining and informative ten weeks.

You might recall that a few weeks ago we had a simulated training session in which I managed to “kill” two innocent passers-by, and have myself shot as well, before I got to kill the bad-guy. Well, last night we did simulated traffic stops. The police training officers took the roles of the motorists and we were split up into pairs to get the driver’s license from the driver, write the ticket and then let them drive off without anyone getting hurt. You can guess can’t you? It didn’t go well for most of us. My partner did a great job of getting the driver’s license, of getting back to “our” car and writing the ticket before returning to the stopped car and getting shot as he didn’t move the driver away from the gun which was visible next to the seat, neither did my partner tell me there was a gun in the car, so once I saw the driver bringing up a gun and shooting my partner I got my gun out and fired but, by then, my partner was “dead”. How did the other participants fare? Not too well on the whole. One young female participant was totally phased when the “driver” having been asked where he was going replied, “Home with you I think”. Evidently this kind of response is not unusual for either women or men but can create a change in the officer’s mindset which can lead to them not reacting quickly enough if the driver pulls a gun. On the way home my wife and I saw a traffic stop on the other side of the road and were avidly watching to see whether the officer carried out the stop in the approved “safe” manner – he did.

So, that’s the end of the course and empty Tuesday evenings now seem to stretch out ahead of me. What am I going to do with myself?

Chief Lynn was explaining that the police were thinking of creating Citizens’ Patrols so maybe, just maybe, there will be something to do by next year!

That apart life goes on pretty much the same. I’m still doing job searches on a daily basis and applying for an average of around three per day. So far I’ve had one rejection, from Comcast, which was phrased so nicely that it was almost an apology for not employing me – well not quite but it was clearly written to not cause me to feel so downhearted as to throw myself into the river! A jobs fair beckons tomorrow so we’ll see what comes of that. I have to say that I’m finding the concentration involved to be very tiring. Maybe that’s good as it at least shows my stamina is increasing.


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