Job Search

It’s now three and a bit months since I finished chemo, my hair is growing back pretty well and my stamina has been on the increase so it seemed like it was time to start looking for employment – my first employment since moving to the US.

Despite the woe-sayers on t.v. there are lots of jobs out there, many of them are part-time, many are temporary and many are poorly paid. After some seven years of sustaining a long-distance relationship do I really want to take a contract to work on the other side of America when the contract is for only six months? I don’t think that idea would go down very well with my wife even if I were to consider it. Anyway I have been applying for jobs but I’m finding it to be a very tiring process. After all over the past 10 months I’ve rarely concentrated on anything for more than, say, 15 to 20 minutes and here I am now wading through, literally, hundreds of job adverts each day, checking some out and discounting the overwhelming majority. I even apply for some: in the past week I think I have put in about ten applications, but it is tiring. I also find it frustrating at times. For instance yesterday I completed an application to work at a bank. I started filling out the on-line form which informed me that I would be expected to upload my resume as part of the application, so, naturally, I overhauled my somewhat complicated resume to angle it towards this particular post and I guess that probably took something over an hour. Having done the overhaul and uploaded the resume I continued with the on-line application only to discover that they wanted all the information which I’d already included in my resume! Anyway, I overcame my frustrations and continued with the application to discover at the end of the application that there was an on-line test I would need to take which would probably take between 45 and 60 minutes. Lovely! I reckon that this one job application probably took something over 3 hours to complete in total and it’s not even for a well-paid job. Despite spreading out the process I was left very drained simply from having to concentrate and I do wonder how I will perform in a job situation. On the plus side the more of these applications I do the more I develop my levels of concentration so the better I should be when push comes to shove and even if I do get called for an interview for one of the jobs it’s unlikely to happen for at least another couple of weeks and by then I should be further down the road to recovery shouldn’t I?

There’s clearly a lot more to getting over cancer and chemo than simply stopping the chemo and regenerating hair!

This weekend Bill Penzer is hosting a party for those of us referred to in his book which I mentioned a while ago and which I understand is now available in shops and via Amazon. I’m really looking forward to meeting Bill having spoken to him several times by phone. I wonder whether he’s as excited at the prospect of meeting me!


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