Police, Pizza and Cookies

Yesterday was the second night of The Town of Davie Police Civilian Police Academy and, just like last week, it was really enjoyable. Officer Weissberger did a session on traffic and road traffic accident investigation which was fascinating: the session included using radar and laser speed guns. The speed gun session was great. Officer Weissberger’s motor cycle was parked alongside the road, he was in uniform and there were twenty or so civilians gathered around with three at a time lining up the speed guns on approaching cars. It was hardly surprising that we didn’t catch anyone breaking the speed limit although we did see quite a few cars slow down as they spotted us. Perhaps the most surprising thing was that we didn’t cause an accident simply because of people slowing down and staring at us instead of watching the road. One of the big issues on the roads of Davie is the introduction of traffic cameras at intersections to identify vehicles turning right on a red light without stopping first. (For those who aren’t aware Florida law allows a car turning right at an intersection to do so against a red light provided they stop first and the way is clear.) You can imagine that these lights aren’t really popular as they are identifying a lot of people who haven’t changed their driving from treating these intersections as “Yield” rather than “Stop”, but, prior to the introduction of these cameras Davie Police were attending around 400 accidents a month, now they are only having to attend around 100 a month. I found that a totally amazing statistic.

Next up were Officers Bishop and Vardakis from the K-9 team who explained about what they do and how they work with their dogs. Fascinating stuff. The demonstration was everything you’d expect with the “criminal” running and being  caught by the dog which hung so determinedly that the officer was able to lift it off the ground. Likewise the narcotics search where the dog was able to successfully identify the bag which contained the narcotics. What was surprising was when we were told that the dogs view all this as “play” and do it for the reward of a bouncing tennis ball! The dogs live with the family of their respective officer and are a part of the family. Seemingly the dogs recognise, and respond, to the difference between “home” and “work”. It seems that American bred German Shepherds are no longer suitable for police work and the Davie Police use Belgian Malinois instead.

In terms of my recover from the Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and the chemo therapy things have improved so much that I failed to remember my appointment with the oncologist so I’ll have to wait another month or so before I can see him and make a plan for the future. Strange that this should be the first appointment I’ve missed and that it is also the first after I’ve been declared clean – perhaps part of me is already in denial!

Another positive note is the Yorkshire County Cricket Club achieved promotion. Well done!


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