An evening with the police

My wife and myself had an interesting evening with Davie Police on Tuesday. No, we weren’t their guests in the sense of being arrested! Our local police force runs a “Civilian Police Academy” which runs for three hours per week for ten weeks and it looks as though it will be really interesting and enjoyable. This week we met the senior officers, Chief Lynn, Major Moyer, Captains Engle and Squarini, and last, but by no means least, Sergeant Choquette. The thing which really struck me about the evening was the quality of the relationships between all these officers. There was lots of banter and leg-pulling but, underpinning it all, was a sense of the respect they held for each other. This first week was mainly admin and a tour of the station, but future weeks will include the K-9 dog handlers doing a demonstration,with other sessions by the Dive Team, the Crisis Response Team, the Special Response Team, the opportunity the use the firing range and handle a variety of weapons and a chance to go on patrol in a squad car. All this and much, much more as the saying goes.

In terms of my health I continue to improve. My hair is growing back but is definitely darker than it was before I had chemo, strangely it also seems to be softer, at least it does on my eyebrows and beard. Strangely also, considering that the hair on top of my head is coming back darker is the fact that my beard came back white but is now turning grey! I was also surprised that, as hair grew back on my head and my body, the hair which had survived the months of chemo fell out. I hadn’t been expecting that at all as I just thought there’d be a mix of new and old as it were. It’s also strange to see the pattern in which the hair is growing back on my limbs. Have you ever walked through an area newly planted with trees? No? Well, the trees are planted at roughly equidistant intervals and in rows which track in straight lines at 90 degrees from you but also along diagonals, and this was something I hadn’t previously realised as I’d thought the hairs just kind of grew at random. My mental functioning is also returning although I haven’t yet been able to crack the website to book a written test to apply for my learner’s driver license here in Florida. Physically my stamina is also coming along well. We have a Wii fit and I’ve been using that for a little over a week. It’s not particularly intense which suits me fine but I can repeat things if they go badly and can see the improvement not only in my endurance but also in my scores though I think I am still quite a long way from having either the strength or stamina to make a trip to the gym worthwhile. I still have crazy sleep patterns which see me sleeping for a couple of hours at night and then being awake until 6 a.m. or later and then sleeping through ’till around noon. I always used to find it difficult to sleep during daylight hours but not now. The afternoon naps have dropped off though.

I’ve also started looking at job ads. I found one I’d quite like but couldn’t get enough of my brain together to write the c.v. I hate writing the introductory paragraph: I can write the damned paragraph easily for other people but when it comes to writing my own it’s a totally different matter and I hesitate and hack words around and then delete everything and thus the process starts all over again without really going anywhere. Doh!!!


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