My afternoon out

Today I felt strong enough to venture out on my own for the first time since my chemo ended, so I took a walk to Wolf Lake Park which is about one mile from here and the path around the lake is possibly about a mile. I walked around the lake twice before coming back home so, all together I reckon I’ve walked around 4 miles today (with rests in between you understand!) in temperatures which, according to my multi-function watch, were in the mid to high 90’s Fahrenheit or mid 30’s Celsius. I ought to point out that, apart from one hummock in the park, the terrain around here is pretty much flat as a pancake.

I really like Wolf Lake Park as it is very calm and quiet with a good variety of trees and, so far, the only people I’ve met there have been really pleasant and more than ready to chat. There’s also a really well shaded area in the scout pavilion where you can just sit and watch the world go by and enjoy the breeze without having to cope with the sun. I also like the number of butterflies which the park’s uncultivated lands attract – the photo below is of one butterfly which stayed still long enough for me to take its picture! As I type I can feel the day’s exertions beginning to creep up on me, my legs are stiffening and my back is aching from the weight of the camera, but, do yo know, I’m really glad I went out and didn’t stay home in the air con! Maybe tonight I will get a good night’s sleep instead of just sleeping for two hours and then being awake until daylight filters into the bedroom! (P.S. If anyone can identify the butterfly I’d be grateful.)

butterfly photographed at Wolf Lake Park Davie

Butterfly photographed today at Wolf Lake Park



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2 responses to “My afternoon out

  1. jane49

    It sounds a lovely place for your walk, there is nothing nicer than lifting your spirit than nature, The butterfly photo is nice. I hope you have a good nights sleep..Jane

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