The day I couldn’t tell North from South or East from West

Two days ago I had to go to my oncologist’s office for my port to be flushed. As I have yet to obtain a Florida Driver’s License my wife usually takes me, but, on Tuesday she was reeling from some flu bug and wasn’t really capable of driving, so I took the bus which left me with a walk of a few minutes to the office. Getting there was fine. The flush was fine and I set off to walk back, walking East and keeping South of Broward Mall. As I passed the mall I decided it would be a good idea to pop in and get a drink of water – I stress water as I wouldn’t want you to get the impression that I’d had something alcoholic which then clouded my faculties! I walked North into the mall, so to get out again I turned 180 degrees and walked South, exited the mall and turned left to walk East towards University Drive to catch my bus. Effectively I had walked in a rectangle from the northbound bus to the doctor’s office and back for the southbound bus with a slight diversion into the mall, or, at least so I thought at the time. The bus came. I swear it was a Number 2. I got on, paid my fare sat down and settled in for the journey. Suddenly the journey took an unexpected turn, literally, as the bus turned left across University. I knew that was wrong but I also knew the traffic lights were not working further to the south so I initially thought this might just be a temporary diversion. It soon became apparent that this was not a temporary diversion, a fact confirmed by the driver who told me “You want the one going the other way.” Naturally I got off the bus at the next stop. As I had no more cash on me for a bus fare I phoned my wife to come and fetch me and confirmed my geographic location on the intersection and said you’ll see McDonald’s on the corner. Yes, I got that wrong as well. I wasn’t on the South-east corner as I thought, oh no, I was on North-west!! Usually I can find my way around a strange town pretty well, can navigate my way along mountain bike trails and never got lost paddling my kayak, but, somehow, I think this trip from the oncologist’s will take a good bit of living down. I blame chemo-brain even though it’s about five weeks since my last infusion!

One other thing became very clear from that short bus ride and even shorter walk, and that is that I am not fit enough to make any sort of a journey. When a five-minute walk leaves your thighs aching you know you can’t walk very far don’t you, and when two thirty minute bus rides and two five-minute walks leave you needing to sleep for a few hours it’s pretty obvious that any journey will leave you reeling, so I won’t be returning to the UK for my mum’s funeral, instead I will hold my own vigil here in Florida at the same time as the funeral service takes place. I’m sure Mum won’t mind, she never wanted me to go out when I didn’t feel well!



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2 responses to “The day I couldn’t tell North from South or East from West

  1. Chemo brain is a stinker! I almost missed my exit driving home last week….and so on and so on. Hopefully yours gets better with each day.

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