I might have wobbly legs but my wife still loves me!

Yesterday we realised that my wife wasn’t going to be home in time to get our almost overdue videos back to the library before it closed so I had to have an unexpected walk. It took about 15 minutes in late afternoon Florida heat and humidity. My legs started to feel week an wobbly after about 10 minutes, despite being some weeks out of chemo, but I knew that if I sat down getting up would be harder than finishing the walk. Anyway, when my wife got home she’d found a Publix selling “Brit Food” and had brought me Jammy Dodgers, Golden Syrup, Sarsons Vinegar and Heinz Salad Cream. Why had she done this for me? Because she loves me and wanted to try to cheer me up after the news of Mum’s death. Lovely.


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