Hitting my goals

A week ago I wrote about things I wanted to do as my body recovered from the battering it’s taken from the chemotherapy. Well, I’ve started on some of them.

I’ve not managed the full salad as yet but I’ve had tomatoes – which were every bit as wonderful as I’d hoped. I’ve also been out for a meal to Lucille’s – nothing flash just a club sandwich and nice thick chips (fries to my US readers). I really enjoyed the meal and my thanks to my wife and step-daughter for making it such a memorable meal for me. I’ve also been around people as I was able to accompany my wife to appointments at Cleveland Clinic. The last time I was there was for a second opinion on my cancer and treatment and I could really feel the difference. Last time I looked (and felt) so rough that the staff had wanted me to use a wheelchair. Naturally I refused as that would have been giving in to the damned cancer so instead I struggled down the corridors with my legs spread something like Douglas Bader’s in “Reach for the Sky” when he was struggling to learn to walk in his new “tin” legs; this time I was able to match the speed of one of the staff on the walk from the car park – I’ll admit I was having to breathe deeply by the time I got inside but in terms of satisfaction it was well worth making the effort! I was also able to spend as long as I wanted in the library two days ago selecting books I wanted. All of these have been a real boost for my morale and I’m sure this is partly the reason for my feeling physically better. I can now climb the stairs in a normal manner of alternating stairs rather than having to go up the staircase one step at a time. Coming down is a bit different and I have to remember to make the effort to come down on alternating steps and I have to admit that I’m not yet totally confident that my legs will always hold so I hang onto the handrail. When I first managed the staircase properly I remembered that not so many weeks ago I would often have to crawl up the stairs on my hands and knees and, once again that was a boost to my morale.

Yesterday I picked up a copy of this year’s Florida Drivers’ Handbook so today I start trying to learn the contents in readiness for taking my driving test.


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