Past, Present and Future

Tomorrow is a really important day for me as it will be the first time since the 7th February 2012 that I haven’t had the anti-cancer ABVD chemotherapy drugs pumped into my body on a fortnightly basis and I am sooooooo looking forward to that. For six months I’ve been feeling wretched from the chemo infusion and then gradually begun to feel a bit less wretched towards the end of the two weeks only to know that the day after the whole thing will start over again. Well, tomorrow it won’t! I know it will take some time for me to start to feel normal again, to look at my nails and not see the differently coloured “chemo band” on them. I know it will take time for me to regain muscle mass and that it will also take time for me to discover whether the damage done by the drugs to my heart and lungs is significant in the way it impacts on the kind of life I hope to lead. All of this has led me to start thinking about things I want to do as my health returns. I don’t mean “do” in the sense of “I want to bring about world peace” (although that would be nice!) but on a much more prosaic and very selfish level. It’s not definitive – actually at the moment it’s much more lustful, or, perhaps, hedonistic!

  1. Eat a salad
  2. Eat a crunchy apple with juice trickling down my chin
  3. Have my first post-chemo haircut
  4. Enjoy a long walk in the park
  5. Concentrate for several hours
  6. Get my Florida driver’s licence
  7. Drive a car with my wife as passenger instead of chauffeur
  8. Get a job
  9. Go shopping – I really can’t believe that one but it’s true!
  10. Go out for a meal
  11. Be around people
  12. Have enough energy to get out of the house whenever I want to
  13. Stay awake for more than three or four hours
  14. Linger in the library when choosing books
  15. Participate in a cancer research fund-raiser

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