I’ve mentioned several times that one of my fears was that the chemotherapy would leave me nailed to the bathroom floor vomiting and I’ve thought myself very fortunate that this has not happened. Well last night it did – seven solid hours with an already empty stomach. Was it actually the chemo or just some bug as it’s now a full week since I had my last infusion? I don’t know, and, to be honest, I don’t really care, I just know that I’m glad it ended especially as I wasn’t able to swallow and keep down any medication during those hours.

Today I feel much, much better, fatigued but then that now seems to be a totally normal state of existence, just as being unable to get to sleep until dawn and then needing an afternoon nap also seems perfectly normal.

My hair is now visible! There’s still a lot of skin showing but I have every confidence that my pate will have a proper covering relatively soon, and, presumably, soon after that, the rest of my hair will start growing back in – I do miss eyelashes more than I ever thought possible!


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