Research and information which might be useful

Below are some links to sites I’ve recently come across which deal with recent cancer research. Hope something here may help you.

Can aspirin help to stop cancer spreading? The answer seems to be “maybe”. Check out

Here’s a site I haven’t previously come across which details research projects. Unfortunately a link to the cancer pages won’t work so I’m afraid you’ll need to use the search box in the top right corner to go there. I couldn’t find a way keeping both relevance and date as filters so, assuming you go for relevance you’ll have to work your way through the various pages for the bang up the minute research.;jsessionid=LdqCPtnLL1c8nwMnB3v2GJyfGHwXznMxSLxKPJTFsCV2sllmGtRW!1287126019!854248404?_nfpb=true&_windowLabel=statesAndTerritories_4&_urlType=action&statesAndTerritories_4_action=selectState&statesAndTerritories_4_id=CT

EU approval of a new lung cancer drug, Xalkori,

I couldn’t find any way to shorten this title  “AT13148 Is a Novel, Oral Multi-AGC Kinase Inhibitor with Potent Pharmacodynamic and Antitumor Activity”

Neuroblastoma and crizotinib

“Critically, we demonstrate that selective inhibition of the enzyme RNA polymerase I, that is responsible for synthesising the major ribosomal components, can be used to selectively kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells untouched.”

“Lung cancer discovery confirms drug target’s potential”




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