Silly o’clock again

It’s been a while since I posted at silly o’clock. It’s a habit I was very happy to get out of but, tonight, or rather this morning, here I am again, unable to sleep and buzzing with indignation. The frustrating thing is that I can say no more about why I am buzzing with indignation because of my self-imposed rule not to identify people. To be honest I’m only blogging tonight to get that statement out into the air and hope it does me some good.

So, having established that I’m not awake because of the cancer, perhaps I should give an update. I saw a pulmonologist a couple of weeks ago and he decided that there’s nothing wrong with my lungs and that the cough I have is probably down to stress and it will therefore disappear altogether in time. Tonight it’s been difficult to stop coughing so maybe he has a point! My oncologist decided that if I’d had no more symptoms suggestive of a stroke then it probably wasn’t a stroke a few weeks ago and we should just continue as we were, which is fine by me. After this last infusion my left little finger is numb once more, kind of like when you bang your elbow except this time it’s lasted a few days. Other than being fatigued again that’s it. Two more infusions to go and then I can start trying, once again, to build a new life.


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