It doesn’t matter what order things happen in!

This piece is pure self indulgence and arises out of the title statement being thrown at me earlier today. I’d love to say that there’s a prize for the first person to figure it out and turn it into a sensible piece but there isn’t!


happened matter what It really actually order things doesn’t in! tonight in the middle what I heard of what discussion might be termed a That’s heated. ene!lievabblU the At thought tied least I it was key unbelievable, points were especially those of who said what and when when and why to events.  Had those something happened in a order then totally different different would have occurred events. discussion!Perhaps heated there no would have been If possible it’s to take out of order events and rearrange sorts them all of happen things might – just travel time think! man age wheel Stone has invent no need to fuel the someone has popped along and delivered a 4 x because 4 and enough to a few years last. calculus Newton Perhaps and wouldn’t have bothered inventing our had happy traveler time off dropped a couple of Apple Leibnitz Macs for them. nonsensical Clearly the whole reorder claim concept is, things in a ridiculous ground sequence and to take happen them out of sequence that and them in order to the high is simply.


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