It’s a while since I posted for the very simple reason that I’ve been totally knackered. Usually each half cycle ends with my having three or four or even five good days: the number of good days has dropped steadily the further I’ve gone into chemo to the point where at the end of the last half cycle I had none. Was I happy? I don’t know as I really didn’t have the energy to think much about it.

Sleep seemed to be totally elusive and I was back to the sleep an hour try to sleep for three hours then sleep again for an hour and so on. Peak time for being awake was between 2 a.m. and 4.30 a.m. which wasn’t a lot of fun. Throw in a fair amount of stomach pain and you will understand why I’ve not been blogging.

My eldest daughter had given me the excellent news that she was flying into Florida from the UK for my birthday and I was really worried that if things continued as they had I would be unable to spend any quality time with her at all. The day before my daughter was due to arrive I felt really wretched. On the day she actually arrived I felt merely awful ut between then and now I’ve been OK, so, four good days. The visit has been an excellent boost for my morale and I hope to keep that raised after she departs today.



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2 responses to “Knackered

  1. Sorry to hear this go around has been so bad! Good luck, take care of yourself, and have fun with your daughter!

  2. good to hear from you, thanks for the update. sending healing hugs.

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