So, probably good news then

So I went for my Peak Flow Test and according to the technician all my results were within the normal bands, but, of course, he’s not the specialist and the specialist may see something he didn’t. So, it looks as though the bleomycin hasn’t had too much impact on my lungs, which means that the chest irritation I’ve been getting must be from something else.

No news as yet from the health insurance company about my PET scan and MUGA scan but then why should I expect one, I mean it’s only a week tomorrow since the request was made! I don’t understand the manner in which the health insurance companies work. My wife showed me an article this last week in which a parent had been directed by their doctor to take the child to an emergency room. At the emergency room the child was treated as an emergency. You’d have thought that was prima facie evidence of an emergency wouldn’t you. Not so! The health insurance company subsequently decided that the situation was not an emergency and was therefore not covered by the insurance policy!! As Terry Wogan was wont to say, “Is it me?”

I’m rediscovering how little energy I have to spare. This weekend we’ve had family around and just having people around me seems to suck huge amounts of energy away from me – it’s like having black holes in the room but instead of sucking in light they suck in my energy. It’s somehow as if the need to keep changing focus from one person to another is a tiring task. Then there are the problems in listening. Again that becomes an energy-consuming task. People moving around the room also attract attention and that too draws on my energy. All these things which for more than half a century have been automatic functions now seem to require a level of thought and concentration which I find amazing.



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2 responses to “So, probably good news then

  1. I was deeply touched by your words, thank you for sharing. I wish you all the strength and faith that you need to help you through this difficult time.

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