The cost of drugs

One of the things which I’ve now had to come to terms with since coming to the US and being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma is the cost of treatment so I was fascinated to discover that India has just granted a company “compulsory license” to manufacture a patented cancer drug.

According to the BBC report a company named Bayer holds the patent for a drug named Nexavar which it sells in India at a price of 280000 rupees for 120 tablets which is a little over 2333 rupees per tablet. The court has now authorised another company Natco Pharma to manufacture and sell a generic copy of the patented drug in India for the sum of 8800 rupees for 120 tablets which is a little over 73 rupees per tablet!!! This means instead of paying around $47 per pill it will only cost around $1.50!! Natco Pharmar will have to pay a 6% royalty to Bayer.


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One response to “The cost of drugs

  1. Joanne Kaufman

    It never failed to amaze me that Americans must turn to Canada to buy medications at a fraction of the cost they would be in the US that are manufactured in the US. And as for the people who loftily claim that money doesn’t buy happiness, well sometimes, it literally buys life. We can stray from materialism only so much, unfortunately.

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