One lump or two vicar? Part Deux

So, here we are on the first day after the first infusion of my second cycle of chemotherapy intended to rid my body of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma which everybody agrees is “the one to have, if you are to have one at all!”

When I saw the oncologist, Dr. Tache, yesterday, I went through the symptoms I’d been having over the past week or so. Night sweats, cold sweats during the day, body temperatures ranging from  97.8F through to 100.4F but changing rapidly within a couple of minutes. I also mentioned that I’d had some pain in my neck above the lymphoma and that there had, to my mind, been a sizeable swelling which now seemed to be shrinking. This led to a prod and poke examination of the usual points and to Dr Tache saying he could feel the node: it didn’t lead to any conclusion as to what it is. There are a range of possibilities from an infection which will respond to antibiotics which I am now taking, a viral infection which obviously won’t respond to antibiotics, or an indication that the chemo is not working in which case we may be looking at bringing in doctors from the university. Naturally my wife is frantic that this will cause further delay and the delay will prove fatal, and, naturally, I’m trying to remain fairly sanguine about it and only check the new lump for size every 15 minutes instead of every 10 !

On a brighter note I came across this article on the possibility of using nano technology as a means of delivering drugs direct to the point of need rather than the whole body.



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