Chemo brain and immigration

I’m now on the second part of the first cycle of chemo and have been finding it tough going at times, mainly through the fatigue which enervates me most of the day but for some bizarre reason leaves me needing less sleep – typically three to four hours per day.

I’m also going through the process to be become a resident in the US having married my long-standing fiancee last year. Of course that was a process which started before I was diagnosed as having Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. One appointment was cancelled by USCIS and then the chemo started with Dr Tache’s instructions to keep away from groups of people and closed environments. Our attorney, Collett P Small, asked for special consideration because of Dr Tache’s instructions and the USCIS agreed to come here to our home today rather than have me got their office. I thought this was great, but, obviously I expected this to be a stressful interview from all I had heard and I did wonder how my chemo befogged brain would deal with the in depth questions I’d been told to expect, especially when I’d had less than two hours sleep last night and been very firmly awake since 2 a.m. The good news is that there were no tricky questions. The better news is that I should have Residency paperwork within a couple of months which will mean that, once the chemo is ended, I will be able to start looking for gainful employment.


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