It’s getting smaller

I almost had a Frankie Howerd moment with the title to this one!

Anyway without any “oo er missus” moments, this cancerous lump in my neck really does seem to have shrunk in the week and a half since I had chemo!! How much? Well, it’s always difficult with this sort of thing I imagine, but this Classic Hodgkin’s Lymphoma feels to have at least halved! So, the answer to my wife’s question the other day is very definitely, “Yes! I think the chemotherapy is working!” I never thought the results would be quite so dramatic.

Anyway, back to Francis Howerd. I always loved his brand of comedy when I was growing up. I didn’t always understand the innuendo – actually, when I first started seeing him on tv I didn’t really know what innuendo was, my how times have changed! I saw Frankie on tv only this last week in his role in “The Lady Killers”, well worth watching! Oh yes, one other thing, I always thought Frankie was a London lad but it turns out he was born in Yorkshire, tha’d nivver a noan that frum ‘is accent wud tha?



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2 responses to “It’s getting smaller

  1. Dawn Martin

    Hi Martin i hope this note finds you looking on the positives of this experience, there will be posiives you know.
    I don’t know if i ever told you but my daughter had Hodgkins disease when she was 12 and went through her 13th year of life having Chemotherapy treatment and it was the positive attitude we all adopted that got us through it that and the very very good nursing staff at sheffield childrens hospital,she is now almost 27 so please keep smiling and positive it is times like this whe your true family and friends shine….Take care Martin xxxxxxxDawn

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