NHS v Privatisation Part 2

A while I go I wrote about the controversy of privatising the NHS and I made reference to the financial implications of insurance which expects the insured to make, in American parlance, a “co-pay”. So, I went for a biopsy which naturally involved the surgeon, anesthetist, nursing staff and the use of the hospital facilities, so, naturally, you’d expect to make a co-pay wouldn’t you? The question is, how many co-pays would you expect to make for one operation? To my, naive mind (I’d never call it an innocent mind!) I’d have expected to make just the one co-pay of $40 but it seems it isn’t going to work out that way and the bills will be individual to make it easier for us to make the several co-pays.

Don’t let them dismantle the NHS and replace it with American style health insurance. The increased choice and competition you get seems to me to be more apparent than real, the problem is that those pushing the changes would most probably subscribe to the phrase “Perception is more important than reality” – now doesn’t that just sound like a typical government approach?


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