Happy New Year

Here we are on New Year’s Eve and a time to look back and reflect on the past 12 months of my life most of which played out within predictable parameters with Mum going into full-time care because of her dementia, me giving up my job in order to take an extended break in the US with my fiancée in order that I could recover my mental health. Getting married without going back to the UK to finalise my affairs there was a bit of a surprise though, I suppose, a perfectly logical one. The receipt of my work permit allowed me to start looking for jobs though so far without success and my application for residency is still progressing with an interview scheduled for January 2012. To the extent that I’d put timelines on the work permit and residency I had, somewhat optimistically as it turns out, hoped to be in employment by now, but that hasn’t yet happened and perhaps won’t happen until we know where we are with the cancer which is still waiting to be identified, or if it has been, I’m still waiting to be notified what it is.

The cancer has been the big unexpected event of 2011 for me and clearly not only can it be life ending but it can also be life-changing and I hope that, if it isn’t the former, it will be the latter and for the better though I’m not at all sure just what I mean by that. I don’t want to go down an emotional road of “If I’m spared I will dedicate my life to…”, that’s not me and I already try to live a “good” life, but maybe I can begin to better appreciate my life, the opportunities it gives me, the way in which touches the lives of others and how I can make that a more positive experience for all parties. I suppose that will be, or perhaps already is, my New Year’s Resolution.

As for my neck, it aches, but more as a bruise than anything else and I haven’t needed the painkillers I was prescribed, and I was able to get a good night’s sleep. Perhaps both these are testament to the skills of the surgeon who performed the biopsy and his team.

Happy New Year 2012


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